Flying Club

Contact: Alan Buckley – 01925 755261

There are currently between 25 and 30 members of the club; they must live, or their lofts be located within the boundaries agreed by the club.

Each year at the AGM a racing program (mid-April to mid-September) is agreed; birds may be taken 50 miles away or even as far as France. The pigeons, when 1 week old, are fitted with a numbered identification ring on one leg. On  race marking night, the birds are taken to the Community Centre and a rubber race ring is placed on the other leg. The numbered ring is then recorded on the clubs race sheet.

The birds are placed, usually 25 a time, into crates before being loaded onto a transporter.  On a popular night up to 400 pigeons are sent out.  But, the transporter lorry can accumulate an average of 2000 birds by calling at other clubs in the North West.

Overnight the lorry travels too the liberation site when, weather permitting, the birds are set free, and members notified by telephone of their departure time and their estimated arrive home. On arrival at each members loft, the rubber race ring is removed and placed into a clock, calibrated during the original race marking.

New members always welcome

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