OCC Internet Access Policy

We provide public internet access via wifi in both our main hall and large meeting room.

Users of the Oughtrington Community Centre (OCC) internet connection must read & agree that that this facility is provided on the basis that the creation, accessing, copying, storing, transmitting or publishing of any material that accessing, copying, storing, transmitting or publishing of any material that:-

  • is sexually explicit or obscene is prohibited.
  • is racist, sexist, homophobic, defamatory, harassing or in any other way
  • discriminatory or offensive is prohibited.
  • possession of which would constitute a criminal offence is prohibited.
  • is either criminal or illegal, or promotes criminal or illegal activities is
  • prohibited.
  • contains images, cartoons or jokes that will cause offence is prohibited.

All activity over the internet connection managed by OCC may be monitored and
recorded. Misuse of the facility could result in services being withdrawn or the
content of an individual’s activity being reported to the Police.

It is illegal to create, access, copy, store, transmit or publish any materials that fall into the following categories:-

  • National Security: instructions on bomb-making, illegal drug production,
    terrorist activities.
  • Protection of Minors: inappropriate forms of marketing, displays of violence or
    pornography involving minors
  • Protection of Human Dignity: incitement to racial hatred or racial
    discrimination, harassment.
  • Economic Security: fraud: instructions on pirating credit cards.
  • Information Security: malicious hacking.
  • Protection of Privacy: unauthorised communication of personal data,
    electronic harassment.
  • Protection of Reputation: libel: unlawful comparative advertising.
  • Intellectual Property: unauthorised distribution of copyrighted works, e.g.
    software or music.
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