Tiles, chimneys and THAT tree

We’ve had scaffold up at the front and rear of the Community Centre at the end of February 2024 & into March. We are replacing damaged & missing tiles on the roof (preventative measure – we are not aware of any leaks) and also removing the tree (yes, we had noticed!) and making two of our three chimneys safe (the pre-school chimney is in fair condition and does not need maintenance at this time).

We’ve made the decision to reduce the chimney stack above the main hall, closest to our car park entrance – this was in poor condition (yes, it had a tree growing out of it) and whilst we suspected it was problematic, on close inspection it was in very poor condition – the mid to upper sections were crumbling to an extent that the bricks were breaking as they were lifted out.

We’ve left this chimney stack lowered rather than re-build at this time.

The tree (summer 2023)

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