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Back during the winter, we spotting a leak from one of the hot air blowers in our main hall – we were fortunate to have spotted it before water had even soaked into the the wooden floor. This highlighted a number of long term issues with the hall heating system, and parts of the pre-school heating system (which use similar air blowers). We’d been struggling to get traction with one plumber, but one of our lovely friends recommended PH Plumbing and Heating Services who came out and fixed both the leak & our kitchen blower (which had been out of action for over a year!!!) within days.

We’ve since had PH Plumbing and Heating Services back to undertake well needed maintenance on our heating systems, including replacing the leaking air vents, flushing the systems (which seemed to be long overdue) to keep these systems reliable (and reduced the frequency of top ups needed to the sealed systems!).

The above images show our kitchen and two hall heaters all working at expected heat output – having addressed a stuck valve in the right hand blower (as shown).

(- a quick reminder that Lymm Environmental Action Forum / LEAF have a thermal imaging camera if you need to check out your own radiators!)

Shiny new air release valves for the pre-school heating circuit replaced the old, leaking parts, with new shut off valves to make the next replacement easier (we won’t have to drain the system to replace the air release valves, which have a limited life-span).

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